Form builder training plan

Just starting out, this is the plan for you. 


Form builder 

Plan length 

Aim for 6 to 12 weeks cycles. The further your event date is away, means you'll be riding in the foundation phases. 

Benchmarks for success

The benchmark for success will be your 20 min power or a 15 - 20 min segment on the road. 

Areas of focus 

This plan takes a varied approach. The efforts you ride will touch on all the zones, but as you're just starting to build your form a good overall measure will be improving your 20 min power or time over a longer segment on the road. Generally, you'll train with plan just starting out or coming back from injury. 

Level of commitment 

To see levels of improvement in your 20 min power or segment time, aim for a minimum of 4-5 hours per week. Of course you can ride longer, but remember the more volume you ride the less intensity there is in the training plan.

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