5 min power training plan

Want to develop your power efforts, this 5 min training plan will help you with just that. 


5 min power 

Plan length 

Aim for 6 to 12 weeks cycles. The further your event date is away, means you'll be riding in the foundation phases. 

Benchmarks for success

The benchmark for success will be your 5 min power or a 3-6 min segment on the road. 

Areas of focus 

This plans sole focus is to help improve your 5 min power. Therefore there will be a lot of top end varying from 30 sec up to 6 mins. Just make sure when it says, zone 1 to keep it to zone 1 as this will allow you to dig deep when it matters.   

Level of commitment 

To see levels of improvement in your 5 min power or segment time, aim for a minimum of 3 hours per week. Of course you can ride longer, but remember the more volume you ride the less intensity there is in the training plan. 

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