What do my zones mean?

SPOK'D  uses 5 zones to help moderate your intensity, which ensures you can get the most out of your training.

Zone 1 - Recovery/Endurance

You can - Talk easily 

How should it feel - 1 to 3 (10 being really hard)

Zone 1 combines two important elements of your training: recovery and endurance. 

Recovery is ridden at the bottom end of the zone. It is used for cooling down, recovery in between efforts and in your warm up. You’ll be able a hold a conversation with ease, unless you’re recovering from a tough effort. This allows the body to get ready for the next set of efforts.

Endurance is ridden at mid to top end of the zone. Riding in this zone provides the platform for your other effort/s. Once you’re pushing top end zone 1 you’re starting to notice your breathing, but it is not too troubling. If you can nail this, it will help develop your ability to become more efficient over longer distances

Zone 2 - Tempo

You can - Say a few sentences 

How should it feel - 3 to 5 

Zone 2 is becoming more brisk and you’re starting to notice your breathing more. In doing so, it takes greater concentration to hold a conversation as you can only speak a few sentences at a time. Tempo efforts are challenging but are typically longer in duration compared to a zone 4 and zone 5. These efforts help develop your ability to climb.

Zone 3 - Threshold 

You can - Speak one sentence 

How should it feel - 5 to 7

This zone is uncomfortable. Being able to speak only one sentence at a time, you’re breathing is becoming laboured but it’s still under control. These efforts mental prepare for you for the tougher climbs and time trials. Zone 3 helps improve overall fitness, while increasing your avg. riding speed.

Zone 4 - Vo2 

You can - Say one word

How should it feel - 7 to 8 

Moving into the tougher zones now, you can only speak one word at a time. By training within this zone it helps you develop your strength and power to drop your friends up the shorter climbs and get the cafe first. This zone does place a high level of stress on the body and therefore can challenge your riding position.

Zone 5 - Anaerobic capacity 

You can - Grunt and gasp 

How should it feel - 9 to 10 

This is going to hurt with it being the toughest zone you’ll ride. There are varying effort durations between 10 seconds to 3 minutes, therefore it’s important there is an element of pacing when you’re going 100%. When you have a 10 second effort, it’s all out effort compared to a 3 minute effort where you’re grunting your way through it. Training in this zone develops your sprinting capabilities but you need to make sure you’re in the right mental mindset aka the pain cave.

Take away points

  1. The zones help moderate the intensity of your training program
  2. Riding the harder zones can be more challenging so make sure you're ready to suffer
  3. When riding in zone 1 it can be easy to go into zone 2, but make sure to keep it easy as there will be a hard effort just around the corner

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