Sportive training plan

Have a sportive coming up you want to target? 



Plan length 

Can be up to 6 months, but make sure you have smaller goals leading up to your A event

Benchmarks for success

With the sportive goal be majority endurance/threshold base, due to the nature of producing a good time, you'll be tested on 20 min capabilities. However, the plan will help improve your 1 min and 5 min power to punch over the climbs 

Areas of focus 

You'll be working on developing your endurance and threshold which will help you maintain a consistent pace through out the event. Plus there will be a few punchy efforts so you can make that decisive split and get back to tuck into some cake first. 

Level of commitment 

This is going to be dependent on the sportive length / terrain. If it's a flat 100 miles and you're in a bunch you can aim for 4 to 6 hours per week but if the event is more demanding, you can push for 10 hours + per week. 

Remember, you want to have ridden 80% of the event distance 1-3 times prior to the event day. 

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