Download your SPOK'D session into Zwift

It's easy to download and ride your SPOK'D session in Zwift 

There are a few easy steps to make this possible.  

1. Make sure you're on your desktop 

This is the only way to access the Zwift workout folders. 

2. Go to the session you want to export in SPOK'D

Once you're within your session, click "export" and a pop up with appear. Then press "Download" underneath the Zwift heading. A zwo.file will be of downloaded 

3. Add the zwo.file into your Zwift workout folder 

Add your SPOK'D zwo.file into Zwift ID folder. You can achieve this by going to -  Documents > Zwift > Workouts > YourZwiftID. Then open back up the Zwift app. 

You'll find your SPOK'D workout, at the bottom of your workout library. 

4. Remember your FTP values in Zwift and SPOK'D need to be aligned 

When you export your session (image above), highlighted in blue is your FTP value that needs to be inputted into Zwift. Remember your FTP in SPOK'D changes based on your training performances. Just a like a cycling coach would adapt your values 👍

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