Plan overview

The plan overview provides a big picture overview of the current and projected intensities for each week. 

How is the intensity calculated?

Every zone has a number of points attached to it. Let's call this weighting. The time you spend in each zone is multiplied by the zone weight. As you train over the week, SPOK'D tallies this all up and then divides it by the number of seconds ridden. 

Working out an intensity per second highlights weeks that have/will be really intense. Now, if you're in the foundation phases you're training intensity won't be as high as there are more endurance and tempo planned. 

Will my intensity points change through the phases?

Yes, the intensity points can fluctuate through the phases. However, if they don't increase as you'd expect it doesn’t mean it’s not getting harder. What is happening is that you may be riding a more intense zone that is paired with more recovery (Z1).

What if I can change my availability?

Changing your availability will affect the projected intensity for the future weeks of your plan and the current week you're in.  

Adding and removing sessions

If you're to change your training plan, this will have a knock-on effect of your current and projected intensity that is set.

Will events affect the intensity?

Yes, adding in events will affect the current and projected intensity (if the event is in the future). SPOK'D will automatically change your current training plan to match the event demands. 

Completing a week

Every time you submit a week, the SPOK'D algorithms adjust your training load to ensure you can stay on track. As a result, this will affect future week's intensity. 

Your first training week of a new plan

When you start off, the intensity is based on the projected intensities as you haven't ridden anything yet. 

Do deleted rides affect the planned intensity?

Yes, if you delete a planned ride this will reduce the planned intensity. If you do accidentally delete it, you can adjust your availability to bring the session back. 

Are RPE rides factored into the planned and actual intensity?

No, these rides are not factored in. 

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