Warm up and cool down

Every planned session includes a warm up and cool down

How is the warm up broken down?

The purpose of the warm up is just that. Get you warm for the session ahead. The 10 min warm up consists of:

  • 4 min at Z1
  • 2 min at Z2
  • 2 min at Z3
  • 2 min at Z4

As you build through the zones, your power / heart rate will steadily rise. 

How do I warm up on the road?

Riding on the road isn't as straight forward with traffic lights, intersections and undulating roads. The key thing to remember is before you start your efforts, you want to have increased your heart rate or power. Don't worry too much about getting the warm up timing exactly spot on as it will the road variables will take account for this, plus you have leniency in your zone breakdown. 

What does a cool down entail?

A cool is a 5 min at the bottom end of Z1. It's about mentally and physically cooling down from your session. 

Your session breakdown

Remember the warm-up and cool down times are added to your session breakdown.

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