What does leniency from the planned time indicate?

The purpose of the leniency is to help you understand how much time you spend over or under the planned time. 

Why will this help me?

It will you identify how much time you spend in the non-focused zones, which indicates how well you're riding a planned session. If you have a power (Z4) focused session, unless you're riding in erg mode (the turbo controls your watts) you're going to spend time in Z2 and Z3 simply building up and down to Z4. This is cool. Understanding the % from planned, will establish a Z2 and Z3 benchmark that you can focus on to reduce. 

For this example, if you ride with heart rate there is always going to be a % of time spent in Z2 and Z3. Now with this % established, SPOK'D will adjust your program based on these figures. Therefore making the planned more personalised to you. 

You can view your leniency buffer in every session breakdown 

After you've completed 7 of the similar focused sessions, SPOK'D will established a rolling avg. for you. Here you'll clearly see your buffer from the planned. 

The lower the %, the more efficient you're riding the planned 

You can view how you ride each focused zone in your benchmark section. You can compare the difference between heart rate and power. Plus it creates an objective measure of progression, without breaking a PB

It gives you the flexible on the road 

Riding on the road is always going to be hard to control your watts or heart rate. Therefore analysing your leniency over 3 sessions, will create a holistic perspective of how you ride the planned sessions. 

What happens if I have 0% from planned? 

This means you have ridden the session exactly as planned. Following a structured training plan is not about smashing it all the time, it's about creating balance to help you achieve your goals.

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