Session breakdown

The session breakdown provides an overview of how you rode your session. 

The breakdown is made up of several elements 

Heart rate and Power 

These are two tools you can use to ride a structured session. If you ride with both, SPOK'D will analyse your power data to make the plan changes. You'll notice with heart rate it is harder to ride the planned times, which is ok as your leniency buffer will establish your baseline for plan adjustments. 

Time in zones 

Each zone has a planned time for what is required of you. The traffic light system (red, orange, green) indicates how well you rode each zone. 

Leniency buffer

Dependent on what the focus of the session was, each zone will have its own buffer zone. This buffer zone is a 7 session avg. of the amount of time you ride from the planned zone time. The goal is to reduce this buffer as this indicates you're riding the planned session more efficiently. 

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