What does the session score mean?

Every planned session receives a session score. It's an indication of how well or not so well you rode what was planned. 

The purpose of the score is to provide you with a single unit of metric to help judge do you need to lift the intensity or back it off. 

0 - 79 = You undercooked the plan session intensity

80 - 120 = You rode what was planned 👍

121 - 200 = You overcooked the planned session intensity

The session score will appear in the 


This is your overall session score. The score below is an indication that the rider was able to complete what was planned to a tee. 

If you upload heart rate or power data, you'll receive the below. These graphs below highlight how you rode each zone. 


Within each session card, you'll see your session score so at a glance you can see how your week is going. 

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