Strava upload not working

You can't see your ride in the ride upload form 😕. It's not ideal! 

Here is a checklist to sense check everything is in working order. 

1. Strava is connected to SPOK'D

Found in your "Settings"

You can see the connection in your Strava. Go to your "Settings" and select "My apps"

2. Linked to only one SPOK'D account 

Please ensure your Strava account is only connected to one SPOK'D account. 

3. Your method of upload is set to heart rate or power

Click on your Profile > Settings > Method of upload (if on mobile). Make sure "Train with heart rate or power" is selected

4. Are you in the correct week?

It does happen. Please make sure you're in the current week. If not, let us know we can we reset it for you. Please reach out to hello@spokd,com 

5. Your Strava ride is tagged correctly 

Any activities not save as "ride", "virtual ride", "e-bike ride", "workout" will be not be uploaded by SPOK'D. You can edit your tags within your Strava ride. 

6. Re-upload your ride to Strava

By doing this, it reset the API connection.

7. Log out and log back in 

This will reset the API calls, which should hopefully bring your ride into SPOK'D

8. Reach out to us 😀

If it's still not syncing, we want to hear from you. Please reach out to

Still need help? How can we help? How can we help?