How to edit my zones

Your training zones can be adjusted in two ways

1. You can adjust your zones manually 

If they feel a tad too high or low you can adjust your 20 minute values found in your profile.


Go to your profile

Click "Your zones"


Go to your profile 

Select "Your zones"

2. Your training progress 

As you train and progress with SPOK’D your zones will adjust based on how well or not so well you’re riding.  You can receive either of these 2 alerts 

You've become fitter and the efforts start to feel easier, which means your zones will increase.

You've missed a bit of training and the efforts start to feel a tad tougher. Your zones will decrease.

The purpose of zones to help you train at the right intensity that is aligned with your goal and where you're currently at within the program. Adjusting the zones, ensure you’re don’t over or undercook your training. 

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