How to dress for the winter

The most obvious and arguably important factor in winter weather riding is, of course, clothing. The right windproof, thermal and waterproof gear can keep you dry and warm on rides so that you barely notice how cold it is.

There’s a temptation to throw on thick fleeces and waterproofs to stave off the cold, but you also have to consider that they will make you sweat, even when the temperature is nudging zero. Sweat can accumulate under your clothes to make you feel wet, cold and clammy.

Use cycle-specific clothing as that for other sports may not have the correct fit for your position when riding, or the correct properties to keep you moisture-free.

Good quality winter/windproof gloves and overshoes will keep your extremities warm – these are the most susceptible areas to getting cold first.

Not sure whether you have enough clothes on (or too many)? Then go outside before your ride and see how it feels. Remember that the effort of riding will warm you up a bit.

Clear or lightly tinted glasses are a good idea to keep spray and grit out of your eyes.

Winter clothing essentials: waterproof jacket, thermal bib tights, thermal/wicking undervest, windproof gilet/jersey, overshoes, windproof/thermal gloves, clear glasses

Winter clothing optional: thermal socks, under-helmet cap/headband, scarf, winter-specific shoes/boots

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