What are my 20 minute values

These values create your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), which are used to create your 5 training zones  Your FTP is 95% of your 20 minute average power and/or heart rate. 

These tests are never easy and you definitely can't bluff the results! 

Global Cycle Network (GCN) has a great video that provides insight into how to ride one of these lovely tests. 

The key points to remember 

  • Ride a good warm-up: include efforts where you're sweating and out of breath
  • You need to be consistent throughout the effort. If you can lift the pace dramatically in the last 5 minutes you've left too much in the tank. Over time you'll learn what you can hold from the start. 

In an ideal situation your FTP goes up, weight goes down and the heart rate to produce the same power is lower. 

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