How to use free rides

It is important to account for all your training sessions so the plan can become more personalised to you.

A free ride is anything from a group base session, coffee shop ride, MTB ride, extra Zwift etc. 

When to use free rides? 

If an extra ride pops up during the week and it's something you would like to do. Go for it. Or you would like to replace a planned session with a race or local bunch ride. That's good too 😀

How to add a free ride? 


Each day has a plus button that you can click. It will bring up the option for you to click on "Free ride"


How to factor in free rides when setting my weekly availability?

At the end of each week, you'll need to set next week's availability. When you do, set your daily ride durations to factor in your group rides, commutes etc. As you follow the training program, add in the free rides to the days you're not following the planned sessions. 

Remember, don't delete the planned sessions. Just add the free rides on top. 

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