Weekly training volume

You're ready to train now, so it's full gas ahead!

Rest days, who needs them! 

Do you ever have these thoughts? Your goal will dictate how much time you need to commit. For example, if it's a 60 mile sportive that could take 4 to 5 hours, you'll need a few 3 to 4 hour rides pre-event to help the body get ready. You need to set a weekly training volume around your routine otherwise, you won't be consistent. 

SPOK'D understands not every week is going to be the same and that's ok. To start, set a training routine you think you can maintain, if you can't, you can tweak your sessions to fit around your routine. 

Training requirements - please be aware, some goals will have a weekly baseline in order to complete the plan 

Once you've entered your training volume that meets the training requirements conditions, the crosses will turn into a tick.  Then you're onto step 3. 

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