What are training phases

Think of training phases as building a house. 

The foundation is laying the ground work. Build is building the house. Taper is the furnishing, the final touches.


Duration: 12 weeks +

There are 3 phases of foundation; 1, 2 and 3. 

Like a building a house you need to lay the ground work to establish a solid foundation. Generally, the intensity is lower, centred around endurance with the odd intense effort. If you're short on time, SPOK'D will increase the intensity of the session to accommodate for the reduced number of hours to train. If you have over 12 hours + a week to train, the intensity will be lower as you have the time to accumulate the necessary stress required to increase your fitness. 


Duration: 12 weeks 

There are 3 phases of build: 1, 2 and 3. 

Here the intensity is slowing lifting and becoming more specific to your goal demands. As you progress through each build phase, the intensity increases by either stretching the efforts ridden or reducing the amount of recovery in between the efforts. 


Duration: varied. 

The taper period will be varied dependent on what priority you give the event. If you're working on an element of cycling (Get specific option) this will be a treated as a B event. 

A events

This is your main goal. You'll have no more than 2-3 of these per year. An A event taper is broken into 3 weeks 

  • 0 to 7 days from event - is fine tuning - the last 7 days of taper is aligned to a benchmark which is a key marker for success within your goal. The benchmark will become a focal point of the last 7 days to give you confidence going into the event when you smash your PB. 
  • 8 to 14 days from the event - is a controlled week. The intensity is lifting slowly as you come out of a recovery week, but it's important that you feel fresh before you get stuck in again. 
  • 15 to 21 days from the event - is a recovery week. You'll have just finished your build 3 phase which has the highest amount of fatigue. Now is the time to absorb the workload and reflect on the hard training you've done. 

Then post event, dependent on when your next event is, you'll move into a transition week where it's about recharging the batteries.

B events 

This is an important goal. You can have up to 3 to 6  B events per year. Every B event includes a 0 to 7 day taper which is aligned to a benchmark that matches your goal. Once you've completed the event, you'll got straight back into the training. 

Please note - the last 7 day taper for A and B event events is semi fixed. SPOK'D will recommend a taper routine but of course you can delete and move sessions as you like.

C events 

These are stepping stone events. They're not super important and they'll slot into your training plan. You can however, adjust your week so that you align the most intense planned session with this C event. 


Recovery is critical to building your form. SPOK'D will make sure you ride a recovery week, every 4th week of your training plan if you've been consistent in your training. For A events, a recovery week will appear 3 weeks from your end date and then every 4th. 

In your recovery weeks SPOK'D will cut your workload in half. The purpose of the recovery week is to recovery. Remember this is where the gains are made. You want to be freshening up. 

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