Training phases

SPOK'D periodised plan includes three important phases and within each phase, there is a cycle of work v. rest. There will be 3 x weeks of work v. 1 x week of rest. Unless you don't work hard enough, you won't need a recovery week. 

The three phases are:


Duration: 12 weeks +

Like a building a pyramid, you need to establish a solid foundation to build your fitness upon. Generally, the intensity is lower, centred around Z2 range. If you're short on time, SPOK'D will include more intensity to accommodate for the reduced number of hours to train. If you have over 12 hours + a week to train, the intensity will be lower as you have the time to accumulate the necessary workload. 


Duration: 12 weeks 

The intensity slows ramps up now. The efforts will mimic the goal demands needed for you to achieve the best possible result you can. The build phase is split into 3 blocks; 3 weeks ON with 1 x week OFF and with each block that passes, the intensity will increase as you become fitter. The intensity can be increased by either stretching the effort duration or reducing the recovery in between efforts. 


Duration: 4 weeks 

This is the phase, where you'll start to freshen up. 4 weeks out, the intensity won't lift any more but you'll need to start being more mindful of your fatigue levels. If the sessions are feeling harder than what they should be, SPOK'D will dial down the intensity. 2-3 weeks, the recovery in between the efforts will start to increase which will allow you to hit those PBs due to not carrying as much fatigued compared the build phase. When you enter the last week, there is nothing to be gained by training even harder. The week will be filled endurance but there will be a couple of short sessions to keep the engine revving

How are the training phases calculated?

The % that appears within the training phases circles are a % of the number of sessions completed v. the number of sessions within the training phase. 

Once you've completed each phase it will provide an overview perspective of how all each phase went 

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