How to upload a strava ride

SPOK'D links with your Strava account to collect your ride data. To check your connection, you can find it within your settings. 

There are three steps to link your ride 

1. Upload your ride to Strava  

This will send an alert to SPOK'D, that there is a ride to be linked. 

2. Upload your ride to SPOK'D

If you use SPOK'D on the desktop, the upload ride button will be seen on the dashboard. If you're mobile it will be found within the session itself. 



3. Complete the submit ride form  

Link your Strava ride to the session. The following questions are about understanding how are you going. This will impact the next's week training load. 

The more data collected, the more personalised your plan will become. 

Still need help? How can we help? How can we help?