Bike computer v. RPE

There are two methods you can train by using SPOK'D. 

1. Bike computer  

You ride with a cycling computer that tracks your heart rate, power, distance, elevation, speed etc. With this data, you upload your ride into Strava. Then SPOK'D, will pull the data from your Strava account and analyse it. Using a computer Training with a bike computer creates an objective measurement of progression where you can physically see your riding speed go up (or down 😔) or riding at a certain power feels easier. 

2. RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

RPE is training by feel. SPOK'D uses a scale of 1 - 10 to help moderate your intensity in the training plan. The numbers are used to describe a feeling you should experience when you're riding the efforts or overall session. 

Where does RPE appear in SPOK'D?


This is your session overall RPE score. It refers to the overall toughness of the planned session. 

Within the session  

Within the session workout, the session is broken down into time intervals that will be matched with a planned intensity. The purpose is to help you moderate session intensity. to get faster, you need to train smarter.

How you rate the session RPE is an indicator if your fitness has improved. If you've come fitter and faster, your zones will adjust. 

There are three scenarios:

  • You ride the planned efforts and you score a lower RPE = zones are increased
  • You can't ride the planned efforts and score a higher RPE = zones decrease
  • Your ride planned efforts and RPE is spot on = no zone change 

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