Create your training plan in 4 steps

You can build your plan in 4 easy steps. Each stage is about gathering the relevant information to create your personalised plan 

1. What are you going to train for?

You need to be motivated for what you're going for and have an idea of when you would like the training plan to finish. The timings of the plan are important. SPOK'D will guide you through 3 phases, to ensure you arrive at the end date in the best possible shape. It's like guiding a plane into a landing. 

2. Set your time available to train 

Each plan will consist of a required commitment from you that ensures you can make meaningful progress. How much do you need to train - You can read a bit more here.

3. Choose how you'll train 

You can either train by RPE or with a bike computer. It's ok if you don't have a bike computer to start, as you can change the method of uploading later. 

4. Set your starting values 

Your 20 minute values are the metric that creates your zones. If you know your numbers, that's great. 

But, if you don't, it's all good. You can press 'I'm not sure' and answer a couple of questions to help establish your values. 

Still need help? How can we help? How can we help?